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Live Webinars

With the live webinars (also live online seminar, live online course, live online training, live online training), the E-Academy offers a good opportunity to attend planned further training courses conveniently from the office or from the home office.

This form of training is not a video recording, but the trainer teaches live like a face-to-face training. However, you as a participant are not in the same training room with the trainer, but participate in the training using online communication tools.


A live webinar offers you many advantages:

  • No travel times to the venue.
  • No hotel or travel costs.
  • Comfortable work in a familiar environment.
  • Learning stops for interaction and feedback through a virtual whiteboard and continuous chat.
  • The same question and discussion options as in face-to-face training.
  • Joint development of content and case studies in plenary and small groups.
  • The number of participants per training is limited to a maximum of 12 people.
  • Electronic seminar documents.

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eLearning courses

Learn online flexibly, locally and in time and very cost-effectively!
With the proven quality and expertise of the Software Quality Lab Academy Trainer. We use the Moodle platform to host our e-learning offers.

It's that easy to become a certified tester with our e-learning courses

E-learning with a trainer lesson

Do you lack the opportunity to interact with the trainer in an e-learning course? We make it easy: In the future, e-learning courses will also be available with an included trainer hour, for example to answer specific questions.

This is how it works: Select e-learning with a trainer lesson when booking and benefit from the additional knowledge transfer.

Classic face-to-face courses

If you are more interested in traditional face-to-face courses, you will find our seminar topics under "Academy".

Austrian Market Leader

Software Quality Lab Academy is market leader in professional methodical trainigs around the software development. E.g. more than 2/3 of all software testers in Austria are educated in trainings of Software Quality Lab Academy.

In-house Seminars

In-house and exclusive

All our seminars and trainings are also offered as in-house seminars, trainings and workshops at your company as well, where we can tailor the topics and structure them to your needs and current situation.

Other topics, topic combinations or more detailed multi-day workshops are possible. Contact us for a tailor-made solution!

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Our trainers

All Software Quality Lab Academy trainers are well-known experts in their respective areas, have many years of experience, and are always involved in consulting and operational activities, in addition to their training activities.

You can ask our trainers in-depth professional questions and conduct discussions.