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ICAgile® - Agile

ICAgile® - The Agile Experience

Become faster and more flexible with a truly agile approach.

Agile methods play a central role in modern software development by promoting flexibility, efficiency and continuous improvement. These methods enable teams to react quickly to changes and develop products. Agile practices such as Scrum, Kanban and Lean promote a collaborative work environment and adaptive planning that enables development teams to deliver high-quality software more efficiently.

ICAgile® (International Consortium for Agile) differs from these methods by offering a wide range of certifications in various agile disciplines. ICAgile® does not focus on a specific methodology, but on providing a deep understanding of agile principles and practices across different frameworks. The goal of ICAgile® is to develop an agile mindset and give professionals the skills to apply agile techniques in different contexts, regardless of the specific method chosen, such as Scrum or Kanban.

The ICAgile® certifications are therefore less about applying a specific framework and more about understanding and applying agile principles in a variety of situations. This provides a flexible foundation for professionals to adapt agile practices according to the specific needs of their projects or organizations.


What is ICAgile®?

ICAgile® (International Consortium for Agile) is a leading, globally recognized organization that offers agile learning paths and certifications. Unlike traditional Scrum or Kanban training that focuses on specific frameworks, ICAgile® offers comprehensive and flexible training that emphasizes the deep principles and values of agile methods.


Added value with basic knowledge: Even if you are already familiar with agile methods, ICAgile® offers you a deeper understanding of agile principles and their application in different contexts.

Founded in 2010, ICAgile® aims to promote agility worldwide through a standardized yet flexible learning structure. The organization consists of leading experts and practitioners from around the world who work together to develop and maintain the learning paths.

Certification scheme

ICAgile® certifications are modular and offer a wide range of courses tailored to different roles and specializations.

A learning/certification pathway always starts with the Fundamentals training (ICAgile® ICP). This is followed by an Advanced training course, which can be deepened with an Expert level in individual cases.

We offer three learning/certification paths:

  •     Agile Engineering (ICP + ICP-PRG)
  •     Agile Delivery Management (ICP + ICP-APM)
  •     Agile DevOps (ICP + ICP-FDO + ICP-IDO)


More information on available ICAgile® trainings:

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ICAgile® Fundamentals: Certified Professional (ICP)

  • Foundation Level: Introduction to agile principles and practices
  • Target group: All developers and team members
  • Added value: To provide a solid foundation of agile methods and mindsets that form the basis for more advanced agile practices.

More about ICP

ICAgile® Advanced: Agile Project & Delivery Management (ICP-APM)

  • Fokus: Management von agilen Projekten und Lieferungen
  • Zielgruppe: Projektmanager, Scrum Master, Produktmanager
  • Mehrwert: Verbesserung der Projektmanagementfähigkeiten im agilen Kontext, Förderung der effizienten und erfolgreichen Lieferung von Projekten.

Mehr zum ICP-APM

ICAgile® Advanced: Agile Programming (ICP-PRG)

  • Fokus: Praktiken und Techniken der agilen Programmierung
  • Zielgruppe: Entwickler, technische Leiter
  • Mehrwert: Vertiefung der Fähigkeiten in agiler Programmierung, Verbesserung der Codequalität und Effizienz in der Entwicklung.

Mehr zum ICP-PRG

ICAgile® Advanced: Foundations of DevOps (ICP-FDO)

  • Fokus: Grundlagen von DevOps und deren Implementierung
  • Zielgruppe: Entwickler, IT-Operations, DevOps Engineers
  • Mehrwert: Vermittlung der Grundlagen von DevOps-Praktiken, Förderung einer Kultur der kontinuierlichen Integration und Lieferung.

Mehr zum ICP-FDO

ICAgile® Advanced: Implementing DevOps (ICP-IDO)

  • Fokus: Praktische Implementierung von DevOps-Praktiken
  • Zielgruppe: Entwickler, IT-Operations, DevOps Engineers
  • Mehrwert: Vertiefte Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten zur Implementierung von DevOps-Praktiken, Verbesserung der Zusammenarbeit und Effizienz zwischen Entwicklung und Betrieb.

Mehr zum ICP-IDO


Organized by us and trained by our accredited partner Nagarro.

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